泰森科技有限公司是台灣一家積體電路電子零組件買賣專業通路的經銷商,工廠的團隊在系統弱電整合市場,擁有超過十年的經驗。我們不但要求泰森科技給客戶最好的服務,也經銷多家 知名國內外品牌,例如:TI 、NS 、NXP 、FAIRCHILD、 ATMEL 、SGS-THOMSOW、 MICROCHIP 、ANALOG  DEVICES、 NEC、 DALLAS、 TXC、 NUVOTON等。 







面對現在電子零組件市場的強大競爭,泰森科技員工仍堅守著對於工作給予熱誠和積極的態度;對於客戶我們能耐性聆聽您的需求,細心的服務,並給予專業的知識 ,讓客戶在最短的時間,享有最滿足的答案. 。 



我們的零組件產品包括:主動零件、被動零件、電阻、電容、 開關、繼電器、石英晶體振盪器、二極體、電晶體、場效電晶體、穩壓IC,積體電路、線性IC、光藕合IC、記憶體、閘流體、模組、電路板製造等等。能使用在任何市場不同的電子產品上,如:通訊產品、影音產品、家電、燈控、 監控、自動控制、電腦網路週邊、舞台燈光、消防保全市場 、消費性產品…等等。我們提供以上專業主被動零件,讓客戶有最完善統籌請購的選擇.







  廈門宏發繼電器(Hongfa Relays )專業行銷,台灣現貨庫存銷售


Tyson Technology is a distributor company for integrate circuits and various electronic components. Our factory has more than 10 year experience in weak current intelligent building system and other technical devices. We not only demand our staffs to give you the best services, but we also have distributed different electronic modules from many well-known brands such as TI, NS, NXP, FAIRCHILD, ATMEL, SGS-THOMSOW, MICROCHIP, ANALOG DEVICES, NEC, DALLAS, TXY, NUVOTON, etc.
In today’s technology industry, which is rising rapidly with great competitions, our staffs have learned to be ambitious and passionate about their work, to have patience understanding your problems and needs, to give you trusting services, and to provide you with the best suggestions possible with our professional skills. Our goal is to give you the most satisfied answer in the most effective way.
Our IC products include complete sets of active and passive components, resistances, capacitances, switches, relays, crystals, diodes, transistors, field-effect transistors, regulators, integrated circuits, linear, photo couplers, MCUs, CPUs, motherboards, etc. In addition, we have provided varieties of devices that have been widely used in most of the electronic equipment. For instance, many of our electronic products are used in communication equipment, video and film displays, computer accessories, surveillance equipment, and even automatic control devices. Tyson offers a wide range of technical components for you to have the desire products in the most simple and convenient way.
Understanding your needs, making sure the quality of each product, and enhancing our company’s reputation have been Tyson’s major and important purposes. These basic principles have ingrained in each of our staff members that it is our duty and responsibility to give you the best services possible.





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